Interview with LarryLurr

Congratulations on winning Super Smash Bros. Melee at Vancouver Battle Royale! Please introduce yourself and tell us more about yourself.

Thank you! My name is Larry Holland, my gamer tag is Larry Lurr and I am a top Smash Bros. Player from Southern California.


How long have you been playing competitive Smash?

I have been playing Smash competitively since late 2006, so almost 10 years.

How was your experience coming to Vancouver, and participating in Vancouver Battle Royale? Any thoughts on the Smash scene in Vancouver?

It was great, I enjoyed talking to and playing everyone I met. Participating in Vancouver Battle Royale was great and also tiring. I entered 5 out of the 6 Smash events they had, so I was playing tournament matches for a large part of the day. The Vancouver Smash scene has a lot of potential, a lot of the players are precise, but just lack national tournament level experience.

How did you hear about Vancouver Battle Royale?

I was informed about the event through a Facebook message I received from a player in the Vancouver community.

Were there any Vancouver players that caught your attention? Any matches that really stuck out to you?

The players that impressed me the most were Captain L, Big D, Yaya, Len, and Espi.

Could you please share how the Smash community in SoCal is like? Anything that makes the scene in SoCal that stands out in comparison to the rest?

The Smash community in SoCal is very competitive. A lot of the players there are not just striving to win tournaments, but to improve their overall play and learn.


In your opinion, what is it about Melee that stands out in the competitive circuit in comparison to the other games in the franchise?

It is the established history and player names the game carries. I believe in time Smash 4 can be as big or close to Melee, but it all depends on the fans as well as the top players pushing the community to new heights.

Tell us about your main characters in both Melee and Smash 4; what is it about this character that you like, and maybe things that you may dislike about that character?

In Melee I main Falco, which is a fast paced pressure/zoning style character. I like how much pressure Falco can emit on his opponents while keeping a somewhat safe space. Falco being a glass canon makes it incredibly easy for him to lose a stock, which is what I do not like about him.


In Smash 4 I main Fox, which is a more rush down pressure style character. My favorite thing with Fox is when I am playing well I feel like I can always win no matter how big of a deficit I have. On the other hand, it feels horrible being off of my play with him.

Which characters do you hate fighting against in Melee? In Smash 4? Any reasons as to why you hate them?

Peach and Marth are my least favorite characters to fight in Melee. In Smash 4 my least favorite match ups are Kirby and Bayonetta. I do not like fighting these characters for the same reason; they force me to play much different than I normally do.

I’m going to give you three words, and I want you to pick one, and provide a reason why it’s most important; which of these words contribute the most in improving?
Passion, Training, Self-Motivation

I would say passion is the most important. I think it is the difference between a player becoming or becoming great. Being passionate about something allows someone to keep going at it regardless of the highs and lows. I have seen many good players that could have become great, but just did not have the passion for the game and quit.

Any tips you would give to up and coming players wanting to get into competitive Smash?

Learn the game’s mechanics in depth. I do not think it is possible to get very far competitively if you do not know how certain aspects of the game work. After that practice movement to the point where you can feel comfortable moving without focusing your eyes on your character. Finally, learn your match ups! So many good players will lose in tournament because of lack of knowledge about a certain character. You may be able to learn everything, but learn as much as you can.