OG Friday

OG Fridays feature classic games; these include party games, racers, puzzles, FPS, fighting games, and many more!

Players are welcome to bring their old and new favourites to share with everyone

OG Fridays are meant to be available for the casual players and players that are looking to relive those nostalgic memories

Every Friday we will have 2 voted games and 1 mystery game.

The winner of the mystery game will receive a free snack and drink.

Be sure to vote on your favourite games through Facebook!

Current popular suggestions are:
-Mario Party
-Mario Kart
-Puzzle Fighters
-Kirby Air Ride
-Desu desu fighters
-Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
-Dragon Ball Z Budokai
-Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi
-Golden Eye
-Shrek Super slam
-Rivals of Aether
-Mario Tennis
-Wii Sports
-Bleach The Shattered Blade
-Dead or Alive
-Soul Calibur
& Many More!

Polls for the games will be up within a week.

Venue Fee:

Regular rate: $7.00
Post Secondary Student rate: $6.00
High School Student rate: $5.00

Members: $0

Become a member and save yourself big bucks!!

We open at 5:30 pm with all kind of games being played!!